Issue 10: November 2013
In this issue of Setting the Example, we share our views on ethics and social media and the ethical risks that should be avoided. We also discuss the key factors that would improve the usability and value of a company’s Code of Ethics. We have included a guest article on the critical success factor for ethics hotlines, an interesting article on why people don't always tell the truth and an update on the efforts to stop garnishee order abuse.


The primary challenge for organisations is not, as some assume, whether or not to allow employees access to social media during working hours or on workplace resources. Instead, the workplace challenge that warrants attention is achieving the appropriate and ethical use of social media by employees and avoiding the many risks emanating from unethical online conduct. Read more ...



Guidelines for drafting or revising a Code of Ethics

Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct have long been accepted within organisations as a basic part of their ethics and compliance programme. While these Codes can and should fulfil a valuable role within the organisation, all too often employees know little of either the intent or the contents of their company’s Codes.

There are five factors that would significantly improve the usability and value of a company’s Codes. Read more ...



by Dr. Gavin Symanowitz

Dr. Gavin Symanowitz is the founder of FraudCracker, a new-generation online fraud reporting tool for companies. When designing the solution, he identified the main problems with existing solutions and identified the critical success factors that an effective fraud reporting mechanism should cover. In this article, he discusses the first of these factors. Read more ...



Ethics: Giving a Damn, Making a Difference

The ethical dilemma around giving corporate gifts can be solved by giving a gift that promotes ethics. Cynthia Schoeman’s book, Ethics: Giving a Damn, Making a Difference, makes an excellent gift for clients, board members, executives, managers or for anyone interested in workplace ethics and in promoting more ethical behaviour. Signed copies can be bought from Cynthia or on-line orders made via


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Ethics Monitor Endorsement
“Computershare’s use of the Ethics Monitor survey provided valuable insights in support of our commitment to managing ethics proactively.”

Dudu Maphanga, Computershare Investor Services: Executive: Human Resources & Development and Ethics Champion


Monitoring an industry’s ethics
We are very pleased to announce an advanced version of our web-based Ethics Monitor survey. While the original survey allows for the measurement and reporting of ethics within an organisation, we have developed an industry-wide survey that also consolidates the measurement and reporting of ethics from multiple companies. It is the perfect tool for industry bodies whose mandate includes improving ethics in their industry or for their member organisations.


Stopping garnishee order abuse
A report released in October by the Pretoria Law Clinic shows that about 435 084 private sector workers and 189 036 (12%) of the 1.55m government employees have emolument attachment orders against them. Though there is no indication of the number of attachments obtained fraudulently, the Reserve Bank believes it is a "major problem". Addressing this, Banking Association of SA MD Cas Coovadia has announced that new rules to curtail the abuse of garnishee orders are imminent.

Read more: Garnishee robbery by Schalk Mouton and Abuse of garnishee orders to be reined in by Gillian Jones


The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
An interesting article on why people don't always tell the truth by Ron Ashkenas, posted on HBR Blog. Read more...


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