Issue 13: August 2014
In this issue of Setting the Example, we are very pleased to welcome our three strategic partners. We explore two important topics: of leaders who lie and whether SMEs can afford to be ethical. This issue includes an interesting article about municipal corruption and, on a positive note, a write-up of good work being done to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace. For those of you in Johannesburg, there is also an invitation to the launch of Cynthia Schoeman’s 2nd book, Ethics can.
Ethics Monitoring & Management Services is very pleased to welcome three strategic partners, Gideon Pogrund, Jeanetha Brink and Kery Boucher, who will be working with Cynthia Schoeman to add greater depth and breadth to our ethics products and services. They add significant expertise and experience in the field of business ethics; ethical dilemmas; sustainability assessment and assurance; anti-corruption; compliance; and anti-money laundering.
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Telling a lie is arguably something that everyone does from time to time. This can amount to a small exaggeration or a “white” lie that is apparently harmless. A lie can even be shaped by good intentions, for example to avoid hurting someone. (“Of course you look good in that new dress.” / “No, you have definitely not gained weight.”) But the “slippery slope” argument maintains that a relatively small first step can develop gradually until it amounts to something much more significant, when the lie is no longer harmless.

The other factor that exacerbates the impact of lying is when leaders lie. Read more …



Published in the Professional Accountant, issue 21, July 2014.

The value of entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is widely recognised in terms of the contribution this sector makes to the economy and to job creation. Accordingly much attention is being focused on how to promote SMEs - as reflected by the government’s announcement in Parliament in February 2014 to boost its support for SMEs by R6.5bn over the next three years. Given the growing importance of this sector, it warrants asking how ethics fares for small business and whether ethics is less relevant for small scale operations. Read more ...



By Niki Moore, Daily Maverick, 25 July 2014

“On 1 July this year, a young-ish man with extensive experience in local government finance arrived in a small town to take up a new job in the municipality. Three weeks later, he is desperate to leave. He is miserable and depressed, so sickened by the corruption and theft that he has witnessed around him that he will take any job to get out of there. He approached Daily Maverick to tell his story.” Read more...



Cynthia Schoeman delivered a talk on ethics on 8 August for Women’s Day


Cynthia Schoeman was interviewed by Nozipo Mbanjwa on the Invest Africa programme on CNBC Africa about corruption in Africa, with a focus on the extent and impact of illicit financial flows out of Africa. The padcast of the interview will be available
Ethics Monitor Feedback
“The Ethics Monitor survey reliably assesses workplace ethics and enables accurate ethics reporting. It provided valuable insight into our ethical performance and has improved the effectiveness of our ethics management.”
Angela Oosthuizen, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Directors in Southern Africa

“The Ethics Monitor performed an ethics performance assessment for the Scheme in 2014. The Scheme extracted significant value from the recommendations formulated by the Ethics Monitor and these serve as basis for the current revision of the Scheme’s ethics management programme.”
Jeannie Combrink, Executive: Governance and Compliance, Government Employees Medical Scheme


Breaking Barriers,
Building Bridges

Work teams that include people with disabilities should be able to integrate and work well together. But too often there are barriers. Frightened of saying or doing the wrong thing or causing offence, we often choose to not engage - and in so doing, we create tension and limit ourselves and our teams.

Disability Dynamix is a fun, experiential programme that helps people to shift and engage – to overcome challenges and embed changes to become a truly effective and inclusive team. Read more …


Ethics can: book launch
Cynthia Schoeman is hosting a book launch for her new ethics book, Ethics can, in Johannesburg on 18 September at 18h00.
Should you wish to attend, please contact Sarah Carmichael on


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