Issue 15: February 2015
In this issue of Setting the Example, we share the ten top ethics trends that leaders should understanding and that would allow them to adopt a more proactive and strategic approach to ethics and ethics management. We discuss the important topic of supply chain ethics and have included further insight into the challenges associated with supply chain ethics in the garment industry. We also recognise the problems associated with plagiarism and have included a guide to avoiding plagiarism by Prof Adele Thomas.


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Understanding workplace ethics is indispensable to the effective management of ethics and, by extension, to improving workplace ethics. Being aware of the current ethics trends enhances this understanding significantly, allowing organisations to adopt a more proactive and strategic approach. There are ten trends that warrant being recognised. Read more …



As the scope of business ethics has developed from a shareholder-centric approach to a stakeholder and triple bottom line approach, so too is the scope of ethics facing another extension. This centres on unethical practices among organisations’ suppliers.
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On 24 April this year it will be two years since the collapse of Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial building in the Greater Dhaka area, the capital of Bangladesh. The search for the dead ended on 13 May with a death toll of 1 129, making it the deadliest garment-factory accident in history.

Last December’s International Human Rights Day was marked by labour rights campaigners across Europe and the USA calling on Italian fashion brand Benetton to finally pay into a Fund set up to pay compensation to thousands of families affected by the disaster. According to the Clean Clothes Campaign, a group dedicated to improving working conditions in the global garment and sportswear industries, Benetton is the only international brand with confirmed links to the Rana Plaza factories which has refused to contribute to the Donors Trust Fund set up by the ILO.

The BBC Breakfast interview, “Rana Plaza - has anything changed?” provides sobering viewing on the working conditions, while also reflecting the challenges of managing the ethics of the company’s suppliers (discussed in greater detail in the article above).



by Professor Adèle Thomas
Qualification Leader: PhD and Master’s Programmes: LPC, HRM, HRD
Department of Industrial Psychology & People Management, University of Johannesburg

The ease and speed with which information can be accessed electronically is clearly an advantage for current students – a huge change from when students had to search for sources in a library. What has not changed is the importance of acknowledging the source of the information. Plagiarism is an increasing problem and it warrants a clear understanding to avoid this area of fraud. Professor Adèle Thomas of the University of Johannesburg has shared her guide to avoiding plagiarism. Read more …

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“Having conducted the Ethics Monitor survey, we found the exercise extremely useful and insightful from a management perspective. We now have a much better feel for where our company is on the “ethical maturity scale”. The results have identified some very pleasing strongpoints, which we will now work on to maintain going forward. The survey will be a valuable benchmarking tool to use in the future.”
Lyndon Pinnock
Senior Advisor – Risk Advisory Services
RSM Betty & Dickson


Ethics for HR Professionals
The SABPP launched “Ethical Competence in HR Management Practice” in January 2015 with the Public Protector, Adv Thuli Madonsela, as the keynote speaker. Cynthia Schoeman is proud to be a contributing author and a member of the SABPP’s Ethics Committee that produced the book. The book comprises 26 chapters that provide in-depth guidance on ethic across all aspects of HR practice. Copies can be ordered from Siphiwe Mashoene on or 011 045 5413.


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