Issue 17: August 2015
This quarter Setting the Example focuses on a number of important ethical issues in the workplace. We explore the question of whether organisations can operate at increasingly high speeds and be ethical at the same time. Recognising the need for social and ethics committees to add meaningful value, we provide guidance on how this can be achieved. We also highlight the benefits of ethics coaching for leaders and executive teams. Corruption is again a focus, with noteworthy comments by President Obama in his recent AU address on corruption in Africa and we reference an excellent article on whistle-blowing.
Ethics Monitoring & Management Services is very pleased to announce that BDO South Africa has been appointed as a licensed user of our Ethics Monitor web-based ethics survey. This adds to their service offering to their clients and enables them to provide increased client support in the field of ethics assessment, monitoring and management.


Published in Acumen 12, Second Quarter 2015

The need for speed in business is widely recognised, both in terms of the driving factors, such as increasing technological advances, and in terms of the benefits, such as staying ahead of competitors. A question that this focus on speed poses is whether organisations can operate at increasingly high speeds and be ethical at the same time. Read More...



Despite the fact that social and ethics committee have been mandatory since May 2012 for most organisations, some committees are not yet providing meaningful value to their organisations because they have not fully defined their roles and responsibilities. There are five points that provide greater clarity as regards the committee’s mandate. Read more …



The scourge of corruption is impossible to ignore. It’s on billboards, in our newspapers, on radio, on our TV screens and on social media forums. But reporting on corruption is not enough to end it. We’d like to hear your views on how corruption can be addressed effectively. Share your views …

President Obama’s speech to the African Union
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 28 July 2015

“Nothing will unlock Africa’s economic potential more than ending the cancer of corruption. And you are right that it is not just a problem of Africa, it is a problem of those who do business with Africa. It is not unique to Africa -- corruption exists all over the world, including in the United States. But here in Africa, corruption drains billions of dollars from economies that can't afford to lose billions of dollars -- that's money that could be used to create jobs and build hospitals and schools. And when someone has to pay a bribe just to start a business or go to school, or get an official to do the job they’re supposed to be doing anyway -- that’s not the African way. It undermines the dignity of the people you represent. Only Africans can end corruption in their countries.” Read more ...

Ethics Monitor Feedback
“Monitoring our ethical performance annually via the Ethics Monitor survey has helped to further improve our ethical status, and we are very proud to have achieved a AA ethics rating this year.”
Angela Oosthuizen, CEO, Institute of Directors in Southern Africa


Ethics coaching for leaders
The importance of leaders being ethical role models warrants that they have a clear understanding of workplace ethics and the ethical challenges in their organisation and industry. Ethics coaching is a very effective approach – especially for small executive teams – to allow leaders to explore these challenges, to formulate their thinking and responses, and to build higher levels of ethical fitness to support the effectiveness of their on-going management of ethics. For more information contact Cynthia Schoeman


Measuring the return on character
Harvard Business Review, April 2015
An interesting study by KRW International, a leadership consultancy based in Minneapolis USA, found that CEOs who were rated highly by their employees on four ethical traits – integrity, responsibility, forgiveness and compassion – delivered a higher average return on assets over a two year period. Read more …


Hail the whistle-blowers
By Carmel Rickard, published in the Financial Mail, 31 July 2015
His bosses think he’s a pain. But the court says if we had more like him we’d do better at fighting corruption. Read more …

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