Issue 18: November 2015
Corruption is the primary focus in this issue of Setting the Example. We explore the question of whether corruption in South Africa can be curbed and share the key issues that need to be addressed to realise this goal. We also look at the very challenging situation that arises when unethical behaviour is not merely an instruction, but an instruction with consequences. Adding further insight into corruption, we have included Transparency International’s report on OECD countries failing to keep their promise to stop companies bribing abroad and the results of the Business Corruption Risk 2015 survey.


Amid the on-going publicity about the scourge of corruption there are some positive signs of an increasing intolerance of corrupt practices. This was manifest in the marches that took place in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and other major metros in September. In October at the ANC’s National General Council conference President Jacob Zuma called on ANC delegates to take a hard line in the fight against rampant corruption. While this focus on corruption and the government’s stated intention are to be welcomed, the key question is whether this is enough to curb corruption - or does it take more? Read more...



A particularly challenging ethical problem arises when unethical behaviour is an instruction from a superior. In a largely ethical environment this would probably not represent a problem because the individual could deflect the instruction by reporting the matter to another superior or the relevant authorities. However, what about the situation in a less ethical workplace when failing to “co-operate” is likely to incur a personal cost? When it means you may find yourself facing trumped up charges to be suspended or dismissed, or when you might have to deal with more subtle repercussions such as being overlooked for an increase or a promotion? What do you do then? Read more …



Transparency International’s recent report, Exporting Corruption Progress Report 2015, quantifies how many of the world’s biggest exporting nations are still not living up to commitments to stop their companies from paying bribes to win business abroad.
Read more …



Transparency International Report: Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing the World’s Largest Telecommunications Companies, 24 November 2015

The Report analyses the 35 largest telecoms companies and ranks them based on their disclosure practices in three dimensions: anti-corruption programmes, organisational transparency, and country-by-country reporting. Read more …
Ethics training for Sunbird Tourism Ltd

Cynthia Schoeman conducted a 2 day ethics training programme for the General Managers and Senior Executives of the Sunbird Tourism Group in Blantyre, Malawi.


Business Corruption Risk 2015
Survey conducted by Control Risk, October 2015
A new global survey finds many firms losing deals to corrupt competitors. Bribery and kickbacks paid to executives and government officials to secure business contracts have seen almost a third of companies worldwide lose out on international deals. At the same time, the survey found that the business outlook was improving for companies operating in countries with tight anti-corruption enforcement. Read more …


CPD accredited ethics training 2016
Ethics Monitoring & Management Services is developing a series of 1 day CPD accredited ethics training workshops to offer clients meaningful training that achieves results and meets the SDL requirements. The training is suitable for employees and managers, and will be available in 2016.


Executive ethics coaching
From 2016 Ethics Monitoring & Management Services will be offering ethics coaching for leaders and small executive teams. It offers leaders a safe space to enable them to deal with their ethical dilemmas more effectively and to equip them with the depth of insight necessary to manage the challenges of creating an ethical organisation.

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Ethics Monitoring & Management Services was started by Cynthia Schoeman to help organisations to improve ethics in the workplace and to encourage them to manage ethics proactively. Cynthia developed The Ethics Monitor, a web-based ethics survey, which enables organisations to measure, monitor and report on their ethical status. Ethics Monitoring & Management Services also offers ethics talks, workshop, consulting and training.

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