Issue 20: May 2016
In this issue of Setting the Example we focus on the important topic of the value of ethics and an ethical culture, and how to leverage that value. Ethics training is an impactful way to create an ethical culture, and we share the key factors that will optimise your training interventions. We also revisit the topic of supply chain ethics to provide you with an update in this area of ethical responsibility. And we reference an interesting report from the IMF on the cost of global public sector corruption.


The leaders of most organisations would, if asked, almost certainly acknowledge the importance of ethics in the workplace. However the crucial question is whether this is mirrored by the extent to which the organisation's culture is ethical. To realise this goal and, in so doing, to harness the many benefits of being an ethical organisation, workplace ethics needs to move beyond mere theory and sound intentions. This warrants a clear understanding of the factors that will ensure that ethics adds value to the organisation and how the value of ethics can be leveraged. Read more...



The goal of promoting ethical conduct and building an ethical culture has given noteworthy prominence to ethics training as a route to realising these outcomes. However for ethics to make a meaningful difference, the following seven issues should be taken into account. Read more...



In our February 2015 newsletter, one of our lead articles addressed the emerging topic of Supply Chain Ethics. Echoing the importance of this topic is the talk hosted by the UK Institute of Business Ethics in London on 21 April 2016, "Supply Chain Issues: implementing the Modern Slavery Act". The need for self-policing of the organisation's own supply chains warrants serious attention and sound decisions about the organisation's long term ethical impact. Read more...



The IMF reported earlier in May that public sector corruption siphons $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion annually from the global economy in bribes and costs far more in stunted economic growth, lost tax revenues and sustained poverty. Read more...


Cliff Central interview

Cynthia Schoeman was interviewed on “Integrity and Leading by Example” by Richard Angus and The Leadership Platform panel - Adriaan Groenewald and Ellis Mnyandu - on Cliff Central on 23 May. Listen to the podcast...
SADA Board ethics workshop endorsement
"Thank you so much for an astounding and really valuable training session on workplace ethics. The content spoke directly to the core issues we face and you succeeded to engage in such a way with the team that the boundaries of "learning" were transcended into the realm of "being". The level of maturity in our Board to engage in the difficult conversations has improved exponentially."

Maretha Smit, Chief Executive Officer, South African Dental Association


Sunbird Tourism ethics training endorsement
Sunbird Tourism Ltd (Malawi) subscribes to and considers high ethical conduct as a key business ingredient in all its dealings. In order to inculcate an ethical culture throughout the Group, we have engaged and worked with Ethics Monitoring & Management Services in this regard."

Edward Chunga, Group Human Resources Manager


UNISA Ethics Conference 2016
Cynthia Schoeman spoke at the UNISA ethics conference on 18 April 2016 on the topic, "What do you do when unethical behaviour is an instruction?". Organised by the Department of Industrial & Organisational Psychology, the conference addressed the theme, "To be or not to be: flirting with the dark side".

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