Issue 27: February 2018
Our lead article in this issue of Setting the Example looks at the crucial ethical lessons from our current political transition that we should recognise, remember and act upon. We have included a review of the results of Transparency International’s latest Corruption Perceptions Index on global public sector corruption, and included comparative results for the 49 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. We are also very proud to share the launch of our E 2 Leadership Programme, a powerful programme for an organisation’s executive team to strengthen ethical and effective leadership and build a strong, shared platform for an ethical and effective future.


The momentous political changes in February 2018 have been widely welcomed as heralding a “new dawn” offering real hope for a better future. Central to this is the change from the corruption that characterised ex-President Zuma’s term of office to President Ramaphosa’s commitment to clean government. Clearly this commitment needs to be accompanied by decisive and meaningful action. But what is also needed to ensure the realisation of an ethical future is that the ethical lessons from this period are recognised and remembered. While this of course applies to government, it is equally applicable to the corporate sector that has also been subject to numerous high-profile scandals. Read More...



Public sector corruption: the good, the vulnerable and the really bad

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 provides sobering insight into the perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide. The comparative results across countries paint a stark picture of the good, the vulnerable and the really bad. This latest Index reveals that the majority of 180 countries are making little or no progress towards ending corruption, evidenced by an average overall score of a mere 43 and by more than two thirds of countries falling within the less ethical half of the scale. Sub-Saharan Africa was the worst performing region with an average score of 32, and the detailed results for the 49 countries in this region are not encouraging. Read more…



Cynthia Schoeman and Heidi Poulton have designed the unique E 2 Leadership Programme, a powerful programme for an organisation’s executive team to strengthen ethical and effective leadership and build a strong, shared platform for an ethical and effective future. Cynthia brings her Ethical Leadership Competency Framework to the programme, and Heidi adds Leadership Effectiveness Coaching. The core programme comprises 8 sessions of 2 hours over a 6 month period, which can be customised to address company-specific challenges.

If you’re ready to give your executive or senior management team a real boost, we’d love to hear from you:

Ethics Conversations Endorsement
“Our recognition of the importance of ethical leadership is manifest in the on-going Ethics Coffee Conversations which Cynthia Schoeman has facilitated for all our senior executives and managers. This has proved to be valuable intervention that has further strengthened our ethical culture.
Tumi Ramoganyaka, Head of Risk & Ethics, The Auditor-General South Africa, February 2018


Ethics interview series by The Leadership Platform on CliffCentral

Cynthia Schoeman is interviewed on the need for ethics activists by Richard Angus and Leandi Streeter of The Leadership Platform on CliffCentral, and the panel, including Cynthia Schoeman, speak to Wayne Duvenage, Chairman of OUTA, on the role that OUTA has played as ethics activists in South Africa, 8 January 2018


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