Issue 29: August 2018
The imperative to address workplace racism occupies a prime focus in this issue of Setting the Example, with a video clip of Cynthia Schoeman talking about “Ethics, Racism and Racial Stereotyping”. In this issue of our newsletter we also discuss the rationale for elevating ethics to become a formal organisational bottom line, and explore the corporate culture continuum, which can range from ethical to extremely dysfunctional. Adding to this is our recommended reading: “Hiding from the light”. We are pleased to share details about the Ethics Practitioners’ Association (EPA) and we encourage you to become a member and to get involved. We have also included a video interview that shares Cynthia’s view on ethics, leadership and making a difference in South Africa.


Panel discussion at GIBS Business School, 28 June 2018

MD of Ethics Monitoring & Management Services, Cynthia Schoeman, believes that when considering racism and racial stereotyping within an ethical framework, most people already know what is right and wrong. Listen...



The importance of ethics can be argued both in terms of the benefits of ethics and avoiding the costs incurred by ethical failures. Both outcomes support not only a greater focus on ethics, but the formal elevation of ethics as an additional organisational bottom line. The rewards of more effectively identifying the organisation’s ethical capital are more than worth it, not least in an environment where corruption continues to increase the value of ethics. Read more…



Published in Directorship, Q3, July|Aug|Sept 2017

The importance of organisational culture rests on the definition of culture as “the way things are done around here” because it illustrates that culture shapes behaviour in organisations. The quest for more ethical workplace behaviour makes culture especially pertinent and the establishment of ethical conduct as the norm should be reason enough to position an ethical culture as a primary goal. However, organisational culture can stray very far from being ethical to being extremely toxic. Read more…


Recommended reading: Hiding from the Light

By Prof. Nicola Kleyn, Dean, Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)
Published in Acumen, Issue 25, Third Quarter 2018, page 5

A noteworthy commentary on corporate social investment in relation internal breaches of ethics. Read more …
Wisdom Personified - An interview with Cynthia Schoeman
Interviewed by Dudu Msomi, CEO, Busara Leadership Partners, 27 July 2018
An insightful interview that shares Cynthia’s view on ethics, leadership and making a difference in South Africa. Listen …


The professional body for Ethics Practitioners The EPA is a non-profit organisation of Ethics Professionals who have a common goal to positively influence the cultures, philosophies and values that govern the behaviours of institutions. The EPA strives to be the voice of Ethics Professionals, and to promote best practice in the ethics profession.

The EPA is dedicated to the advancement of the ethics profession through accreditation, research, education and the fostering of strong relationships within the Ethics community. Its membership derives from a wide range of institutions, both within the public and private sectors. Get involved …

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Ethics Monitoring & Management Services is a niche business focused on workplace ethics. It offers practical tools and services to support the effective management of workplace ethics, to improve ethical conduct and to build an ethical culture. Our core service areas are reliable, quantitative ethics assessments; ethics training encompassing talks, ethics conversations, workshops and webinars; and ethics consulting on issues such as ethics strategy, standards and management systems.

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