Kery-Lee Boucher

Kery-Lee Boucher (CA(SA) HDipTax CSAP) has over 18 years’ commercial experience, much of it in the financial services industry. Kery has assisted multinational companies with integrated reporting, improvement of measurement and various financial strategic and reporting solutions. She is the CEO and founder of Think Sustainability, a boutique consultancy specializing in sustainability consulting and reporting and assurance. Kery is a qualified associate sustainability assurance practitioner, licensed with Accountability. She currently provides assurance services to an international mining group and is focused on assisting SME’s to use sustainable solutions to create competitive advantage across their businesses. She views sustainability as being integrally linked to workplace ethics. In addition, Kery facilitates for the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Education (USB Ed) in Southern Africa on the topics of financial management and sustainable competitiveness, and works with a USB Ed group of thought leaders of sustainability in Southern Africa.