Ethics Monitoring & Management Services works on an associate model drawing on an excellent group of professional associates with whom we have worked for many years. We work with our associates on a project basis, allowing us to include the most relevant skills and experience for each client project.

Cynthia Schoeman

BA, MBA (Wits), MPhil in Applied Ethics (cum laude)

Cynthia Schoeman is the Founder and Managing Director of Ethics Monitoring & Management Services Proprietary Ltd. She has almost 20 years’ experience in the field of workplace ethics. She is a founding non-executive director of the Ethics Practitioners Association (EPA), and its current chairperson. She is a member of the Ethics Committee of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), and has served two terms on the Investigating Committee of the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA).

Sarah Carmichael

Sarah is a Certified Ethics Officer with particular expertise in the areas of qualitative ethics assessments, online ethics training and other innovative training mechanisms. Her experience in the design and implementation of communication projects has introduced more effective approaches to building ethical awareness with the roll out of large scale ethics activations and campaigns.

Dr Janette Minnaar


Janette Minnaar is the founder of ProEthics which promotes professional ethics and responsible governance practices in the public and private sectors. Her legal experience as an advocate with a PhD in Criminal Law allows her to develop and present training courses in the areas of anti-corruption, the requirements set by local and international corruption legislation and the duties of directors, managers and staff.

Angela Cherrington

As the former CEO of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA), Angela Cherrington has in-depth corporate governance expertise and experience. She served as the former Chair of the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI) and Deputy Chair of the African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN). She is a Chartered Director (SA) and is a non-executive director of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT), the Independent Chair of the Nominations Committee for the Water Research Institute South Africa and Trustee of the Endangered Wildlife Trust. She is the Chair of the Independent Professional Body Forum and a shareholder and director of Professional Service Hub (Pty) Limited – YourHub.

Cynthia Stimpel

Cynthia Stimpel joined SAA as the Financial Risk Manager before becoming the Group Treasurer. In this capacity she blew the whistle on a transaction which saved SAA R250m. However, as she shares in the talks she delivers, the cost of standing up for what’s right is very high. She now works to influence boards to lead ethically and effectively through establishing an ethical culture, whether a NPO, SOC or a Corporate.

Julie Courtnage

Julie Courtnage has a 30-year career, including in a large global mining corporate, in consulting firms and as a micro-business owner in the field of sustainability. She has extensive ethics and governance experience. She has worked with the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) for over a decade, including serving on Council, and as the IoDSA in-house coach for two years. She served on two task teams of the King III Code for Corporate Governance revision process. Now an independent consultant, facilitator and coach, Julie lectures part-time for MBA and Masters programmes on ethics, governance, sustainability and leadership, with a focus on organisations being ethically fit for the future. She has a number of publications relating to values-based decision-making in business, leadership, sustainability and ethics.

Brian Adams

Brian Adams has been involved in corporate risk management for more than 20 years, has extensive experience in the effective management of whistleblowing lines and is a Certified Ethics Office. He has extensive experience in physical security and for 3 years he was the National President of the Security Association of SA and the founder of the Security Industry Alliance.

Gerrit van der Merwe


Gerrit is CEO of Candor Governance, a corporate governance solutions provider. He is co-creator of GovN®, a governance methodology and integrated content framework. His specific interests lie in risk management, strategy and governance integration.

Kery-Lee Boucher


Kery-Lee Boucher has over 20 years’ commercial experience, much of it in the financial services industry. Kery has assisted multinational companies with integrated reporting, stakeholder engagement, improvement of measurement and various financial strategic and reporting solutions. She is an experienced facilitator in finance, sustainability and supporting Ethics Monitor in their training initiatives. She is also experienced in the Ethics Monitor assessment and does results presentations to clients.

Kammy Naidoo

Kammy Naidoo is a customer advocate at heart and ethics is core to her work under the banner of treating customers fairly. She has a B.Com. in Business Administration and Legal Studies (University of Natal) as well as a MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Heidi Poulton

Heidi Poulton runs Ethics Mastery sessions that assists leaders to recognise their responsibility to lead by example and to inspire, guide, and nurture their employees towards an ethical path. Heidi and Cynthia offer the unique E2 Leadership programme for executive teams to build a strong, shared platform for an ethical and effective future. Cynthia brings her Ethical Leadership Competency Framework to the programme, and Heidi adds Leadership Effectiveness coaching to realise and develop the potential in leaders and their followers.

Mark Turpin

MBA (Wits Business School), MSc (London University)

Mark Turpin is an organisational development consultant, a certified leadership coach, and lecturer with over 30 years’ management experience around the world with a wide range of companies and NGOs in the public and private sectors. He lectures on leadership and learning at Wits Business School, focusing on a values-based approach to leadership, ethics and organisational dynamics. He brings an appreciative approach to solving complex problems, and coaches executives and senior teams on transformational journeys.

Rashika Padarath

Rashika Padarath is the co-founder and owner of Andira Urban Services. She specializes in sustainability and stakeholder dialogues, and has in-depth experience in designing and delivering customised dialogues to organisations utilizing appropriate dialogue methods and tools to help teams and organisations better understand each other as they work together. Applied ethics is often core to the design and delivery of dialogue processes..

Simone le Hane

Simone le Hane is an executive coach and partner at Change Partners and has worked in the private and public sectors as an executive manager for more than 18 years. Her vast experiences in the private and public sectors provide her with a unique insight into ethics coaching that is relevant for South Africa now. She is currently coaching individuals and teams in the corporate, parastatal and government sectors with a particular interest in corporate governance and ethics.