Ethics Monitor Survey

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The Ethics Monitor is a web-based, mobi-friendly survey that measures an organisation’s ethical status. The survey assesses the degree of ethical performance and ethical behaviour within the organisation as practiced, experienced and perceived by all employees, including management and executives.

The Ethics Monitor produces in-depth results that quantify the organisation’s ethics, allow for accurate reporting of ethics, and provide meaningful management information to address any areas of concern. Subsequent surveys enable an organisation to monitor its ethical progress over time.

SURVEY MODEL The survey is based on a model comprising two key ethical concepts: behaviour, ranging from very ethical to extremely unethical, and an ethical boundary, which measures inclusiveness or exclusiveness relative to stakeholders and corporate citizenship / the triple bottom line.

SURVEY QUESTIONS Via these concepts, the survey questions explore the primary ethical issues in the workplace, for example, to assess employees’ commitment to values and the extent to which leaders live the organisation’s values, to identify the factors that best promote ethical behaviour and those that best reduce unethical behaviour, and to assess the extent of specific incidences of unethical conduct.


CONFIDENTIALITY The survey protects the anonymity of all respondents and the confidentiality of their responses to allow respondents to share their views frankly, without fear of come-back.

CUSTOMIZATION Customization enhances the value of the survey by producing more detailed results in terms of six criteria: branches or different operating divisions | departments, divisions or projects | work levels or employee bands | the organisation’s values | stakeholder groups | additional questions to address issues pertinent to the organisation and its industry.

TIMING The survey takes about 7 minutes to complete which lends itself to higher response rates.

CREDIBLE RESULTS Because all employees are given the opportunity to complete the survey – as opposed to a select sample – the survey produces credible results.

MOBI FRIENDLY The survey can be completed on any mobile device making it easier for respondents and increasing response rates.

FREQUENCY The Ethics Monitor should be conducted annually, both to manage and monitor the organisation’s ethical status and to support annual ethics reporting in line with King III and the Companies Act Social and Ethics committee.


  • An in-depth understanding of the organisation’s current ethical status and performance and a break-down of the performance for each branch, department and work level
  • Credible results based on the experiences and perceptions of all employees
  • An accurate measurement of ethics for reporting purposes in line with King III and the Companies Act Social and Ethics Committee
  • Actions to improve ethics identified and prioritised
  • A comprehensive ethics risk analysis, with insight into the organisation’s ethical strengths and weaknesses
  • The ability to monitor ethical progress or regression over time throughout the organisation
  • An ethics rating to increase the organisation’s reputation and ethical capital with external stakeholders.