Book a survey

To book or enquire about an ethics survey, click here.

Survey process and timing

Once a survey has been booked, the process is very quick and easy. It entails the following:

  • The organisation defines the customization criteria i.e. branches, departments, work levels, values, stakeholders and additional questions.
  • The organisation defines the start and end dates of the survey. We recommend that the survey runs for a maximum of 1 week as longer periods tend to elicit slower responses.
  • We set up the survey and provide the weblink for the survey.
  • The organisation notifies all respondents of the reason for the survey, the survey dates, the intended outcome and confirms the confidentiality of the survey.
  • We keep the organisation informed of the rate of survey responses so that, if necessary, employees can be encouraged to complete the survey.
  • The survey closes on the agreed date and we analyse the survey responses.
  • The results are prepared in a PowerPoint presentation which serves as an Ethics Report.
  • Sharing the results: The organisation books a 1 – 2 hour meeting with its executive group for the presentation of the survey results and to discuss what actions should be taken to improve its ethical status.
  • If possible, it is advisable to schedule another 1 hour meeting to share the results and proposed actions (emanating from the executive briefing) with the respondents.
  • Approximate time frame: From when the company announces the survey, the timing includes 1 week to run the survey + 1 week to analyse and prepare the results + whatever delay until the executive briefing.