Ethics advisory services

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Ethics Monitor consulting

Consulting based on the Ethics Monitor results utilizes customized interventions to convert prioritized issues and actions into results.

Building and maintaining an ethical culture

The recognition that strategy can support the attainment of organisational goals is equally pertinent for workplace ethics. Organisations should have a clearly articulated ethics strategy and well defined ethical goals. This should be supported by, amongst other factors, organisational values that make a positive contribution to the organisation, a high level of ethical awareness and fair ethics codes and policies. Crucially organisations need to follow an integrated approach to the management of ethics: disjointed ethics initiatives will not easily realise the optimal outcome.

Ethics consulting offers customized interventions for company-specific ethical concerns and addresses the following issues:

  • Ethics strategy and goal setting
  • Clarifying and leveraging the organisation’s values
  • Reviewing and updating ethics codes and policies
  • Building and maintaining a high level of ethical awareness
  • Embedding ethics in a performance management system
  • Building and maintaining an ethical culture

Social and ethics committee

Ethics consulting includes support to set-up of an ethics committee or a social and ethics committee as mandated in South Africa by the Companies Act.