Ethics training and workshops

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Training and teaching are valuable tools to improve ethical behaviour. We encourage organisations to include ethics as part of their induction programme for all new employees, and to conduct at least one ethics programme for all employees each year. This contributes to building and maintaining ethical awareness and to promoting an ethical culture.

Ethics programmes can take the form of workshops, ethics training programmes and web-based training programmes.

Ethics workshops

Quality ethics training is an ideal way to increase employees’ knowledge about workplace ethics and to build a better understanding of their ethical roles and responsibilities. Together with the consequent increase in ethical awareness, these workshops can add meaningful impetus to any organisation’s ethics initiatives.Workshops range from ½ day to 2 days.

Workshop topics can also be tailored to suit the organisation’s needs and development focus. Most of our talks can be also presented as a workshop, such as the following:

  • Ethical and effective leadership: what does it mean?
  • The top ethics trends
  • Ethics: the 7 big things you need to understand
  • Ethics: an essential ingredient in effective fraud control
  • A strategic framework for effective ethics management
  • HR as driver of ethics in the organisation
  • Ethics = ethical capital. True? False? Don’t know?
  • Workplace ethics: fault lines and tipping points
  • Managing ethics: a practical approach to improving ethics in the workplace
  • Ethics, the new fault-line of leadership

Ethics CPD workshops

In pursuit of external quality assurance, two workshops have been accredited by the SABPP (SA Board of People Practices) and the Compliance Institute Southern Africa as CPD workshops.

These 1 day workshops address the basic ethical issues in the workplace with the aim of building a sound understanding of workplace ethics as a platform to improve ethical conduct and to promote higher levels of ethical responsibility. Both workshops include case studies, exercises and small group discussions to make the workshops interesting and engaging – which also enhances learning and understanding. The workshops are intended to be conducted sequentially, but are also suitable as stand-alone workshops.

WHICH ORGANISATIONS AND INDUSTRIES? The workshops are designed for managers and employees across all sectors - public, private and NPO - and are relevant for all industries.

HOW MANY PARTICIPANTS? Limited to 25 participants per workshop to allow for delegate interaction and questions and discussion of organisation-specific issues.

FACILITATORS Ethics Monitoring & Management Services has a group of experienced, skilled facilitators with a range of strengths across different disciplines and industries. Read more …

Ethics coaching

Adding to our workshops we also offer ethics coaching. This is especially effective for leaders and small executive teams as it offers a safe space to build a deeper understanding of ethics, to deal with their ethical dilemmas more effectively, and to equip leaders with the insight necessary to manage the challenges of creating an ethical organisation.

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Web-based ethics training

We also offer custom designed web-based ethics training programmes. This is especially suitable for induction programmes for new employees and revision programmes which re-visit and reinforce the organisation’s ethics policy, value statement, code of conduct and supporting policies.