Ethics Can: Managing workplace ethics

By Cynthia Schoeman
Published by Knowledge Resources, 2014
Cost R299.00

Cynthia Schoeman has been working in the field of workplace ethics for over a decade and shares her extensive knowledge and experience in her latest book, Ethics can. The title of this book Ethics can lives up to its promise. In addition to dealing with more recent issues such as cybercrime, social media and supply chain ethics, the content is an illustration of how ethics permeates every aspect of the workplace and presents a great business case for ethics. The book offers a clear and systematic treatment of business ethics, and is laced with valuable insights, practical examples and suggestions, guidelines for implementation and useful questions for workplace discussions. If you are uncertain about how to take ethics from concept to implementation, read this book - and keep it for regular future reference. This book is a highly recommended publication for ethics practitioners, leaders and managers who deal with ethics, students who are studying ethics and for anyone who is interested in making a positive ethical difference in their workplace.